Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Consultants


Strategic Planning


Working closely with the clients, we assess their individual needs and break those needs down into manageable projects with realistic timelines, providing a strategic plan tailored specifically to the client’s unique situation.

NAGPRA Collections Provisions


Because of the long-standing, positive working relationships that we have built with Indian Tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations throughout the country, we are extremely successful in aiding clients in the preparation of culturally sensitive NAGPRA Summaries and Inventories.

NAGPRA Grant Writing


We consistently develop successful Consultation/Documentation and Repatriation grant proposals.  Since 1995 when we began writing NAGPRA grants, our grants have secured over two million dollars of funding for our clients, with grants being funded every year.

Consultation Facilitation & Meeting Planning


Tribal representatives frequently praise our culturally sensitive, insightful, and respectful approach to consultation. We provide support for all phases of consultation, including planning, facilitation, documentation, and follow-up. 

Repatriation Claim Development Physical Transfer, Reburial, Temporary Housing


We  work with our clients to develop successful repatriation claims,  disposition offers, and repatriation requests. After repatriation/disposition we help identify reinterment sites, develop care-and- trust agreements, and plan reburials. We also transport repatriated ancestors and items upon request. 

NAGPRA Training


Our Managing Director, Jan Bernstein, provides highly regarded customized seminars, webinars,  workshops, and talks on all aspects of NAGPRA. Training participants consistently rate her training as excellent.